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I'm going to feel like a massive derp after playing this.. Great!

I never thought I'd see a dog dating simulator XD This was pretty funny! Loved how you could date the Squirrel!

I made a let's play as well. Hope it helps!

YAAAAS good job on romancing the squirrel!!!

I included your game in this article that I wrote.

LOL, love it! Thank you for featuring us and letting us know.

Hello! I wonder - which engine you're used in development? It's Unity or something else?

We created the game in Unity! We're happy to send you a link to the GitHub repository and/or answer any questions you have about how we made it :)

Really cute little game!

Thank you so much, Jupiter!

weird/cute/funny :D

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed peeing on ALL the bushes!!!

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Be a doggy and try get them to looove you! I haven't exactly figured out how they will love me, but maybe that's because I'm not doggy enough! Cute game, like the concept! Hope the developers will work on a more complex version!

Hahaha, sorry it confused you, glad you found it cute regardless! :)

It really is a cute game :D I reminds me a lot of Dogz! But the art style is really great. Are you going to develop it further? It would be great if there would be some more instructions or maybe tasks to fulfil so it's more clear how to eventually get puppy love! :D

I think we're done with I Ruff You for now, unfortunately. Thank you for the feedback, though! In retrospect, it would have been a good idea to have some kind of UI hint to show you how to get the good ending. The secret, by the way, is to have a good conversation (get a heart after the convo) on 3 days with the same dog. We'll keep this lesson in mind for future games ;)

That being said, if we ever do a re-release of IRU, we'll be sure to let you know!

Heya, we DID actually just update the game with some clearer feedback on how to get puppy love! Let us know what you think :3