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I ended up with Emma and my gay self is here for it.

hey this is SUPER cute!!!

thank you!!!

I'm in firefox and I'm having trouble minimizing pictures sometimes. Is there a fix for this?

Can you send a screenshot of what you mean?

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Oh no, sorry you're having issues! Which browser were you using?

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I'm using chrome. I tried downloading the PC version too but there is no back button? I don't know what causes that pls help I really wanna play this :(


:( can i play this on my macbook ?


yes! it just freezes up when u get to the pics! u can play on web. its really cute.


We don't have a download for mac, but you can play here on itch by clicking 'Run Game' above!


This was the cutest thiiiing, I'm still squealing!! Ashufedg!!

AHH glad you liked it!!!


ivsdvsadivafouvaf professional uwu boi we got over here we sTAN-

i feel like wed be good friends lmfao-



First of all cute game. 

Second - there's a small problem with the Notes part of the game (at least on browser, unsure of the android or PC versions) - but you can't scroll through the Notes section.

Cool game and have a nice one!~ 

Thank you for the feedback!


OMG this was such a cute game,I loved it<3

Thank you!!!!


Very fun game!! I wish dating were that easy tbh but it was so extra I loved it~

So glad you enjoyed it!!! :D 

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pretty cute and fun! i enjoyed the conversations, very nice keysmashing. also great music

thank you so muchh al;skgjdhaslkdgh