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so we not gonna talk about how the thumbnail of this paige has link in the champions tunic?ok.

cuttee <3


if there isnt already i feel like it would be really cool to make some other ending or a gallery of all the art in the game!

i love the idea tho!!

and the art is amazing!!! <3


good game <3


NAWT TAEYONG!!!! such a fun game. really enjoyed myself :)


uh hey how do you get out of the shoe pic? im playing on a laptop btw

Zoom out your page

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Very cute but short game! I really enjoyed it, and it was just what I was looking to play tonight

aw I'm glad you liked it <3


questionable at best


this game was really great! i think it especially resonated with me because i'm a kpop stan asdaifksk 

but anyways, i absolutely loved the text msg format of this game?? i love stuff like that and i think there should be more games w/ that kind of format in the future! the dialogue was also fun.

all in all, it was a very cute game and i enjoyed it!


Is the ending just after you get his number? I couldn't really tell if it was over or not


i ended up with jin!! such an adorable funny game i loved every second of it <3


to everyone  that can turn back (playing on pc) after clicking a photo or can't go to the main menu, adjust the zoom of your page

idk if this would work for everyone but thats how i solved it

also the game is so cute!!

helloooo I love this and im so happy to see a bi character in a game!! soso cute:))))


This is a cute game <3 But is it finish already? I'm not sure. I got his number tho. I actually want to end up with Taeyong. Because his name is Taeyong, lol.


hows u get off the pictures

it happen to meh :<


That was so cute!! Short and sweet and perfect. Thank you! <3


It's such a  cute and FUN game! Please make more games like this one :3




I ended up with Emma and my gay self is here for it.


hey this is SUPER cute!!!

thank you!!!


I'm in firefox and I'm having trouble minimizing pictures sometimes. Is there a fix for this?


Can you send a screenshot of what you mean?

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Oh no, sorry you're having issues! Which browser were you using?

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I'm using chrome. I tried downloading the PC version too but there is no back button? I don't know what causes that pls help I really wanna play this :(


Oh hey sorry but in the top right corner there's a kind of blank rectangle on the phone. Click that. It's the back button off of the pictures.

it isnt there on my screen :(

Deleted 2 years ago

yes! it just freezes up when u get to the pics! u can play on web. its really cute.


We don't have a download for mac, but you can play here on itch by clicking 'Run Game' above!


This was the cutest thiiiing, I'm still squealing!! Ashufedg!!

AHH glad you liked it!!!


ivsdvsadivafouvaf professional uwu boi we got over here we sTAN-

i feel like wed be good friends lmfao-



First of all cute game. 

Second - there's a small problem with the Notes part of the game (at least on browser, unsure of the android or PC versions) - but you can't scroll through the Notes section.

Cool game and have a nice one!~ 

Thank you for the feedback!


OMG this was such a cute game,I loved it<3


Thank you!!!!


Very fun game!! I wish dating were that easy tbh but it was so extra I loved it~


So glad you enjoyed it!!! :D 

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pretty cute and fun! i enjoyed the conversations, very nice keysmashing. also great music


thank you so muchh al;skgjdhaslkdgh