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The Endless River

“If we love someone, if we truly want to make someone happy, the first thing we must cultivate is the art of listening . . . “ - Thich Nhat Hanh.

Transmit souls from death to rebirth. Through mixing the colors of the souls around you, exhibit empathy and relieve your passengers from the burden of their past life.

Global Game Jam

The Endless River was created during the 2018 Global Game Jam, a world-wide 48-hour game development event.

The theme was "Transmission". In The Endless River, you guide souls through the process of transmission from death to rebirth.

We also used the diversifiers (extra challenges) Palindrome and That-Kind-a-Game. Palindrome challenged you to make a game in which "the game story must end the same way it began", and That-Kind-a-Game challenged you to "create a game that explores how choosing kindness transforms the world".


Click on the fairies to mix colors in your lamp (top-left) to match the color of the passenger's soul (top-right).

When you have successfully matched the colors, the passenger moves on into their next life, and you get a new passenger. The game then continues on forever.

Press ESC to pause or quit.


Lin Reid - code

Kytana Le - art

Lucien Ye - music


TheEndlessRiver_win.zip 29 MB
TheEndlessRiver_mac.zip 34 MB

Install instructions

Windows: download TheEndlessRiver_win.zip, extract, and run TheEndlessRiver.exe.

Mac: download TheEndlessRiver_mac.zip, extract, and run TheEndlessRiver.app.

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